Holly Williams

My name is Holly, I am a photographer from the Midwest. My work is dark, moody, and blunt, but full of joy.

When I was creating my website for the first time many years ago, I discovered there is a well-known country singer with my name, therefore “hollywilliams.com” was not available. “hollywilliamsphotography.com” is quite a mouthful and frankly made me a bit sleepy just thinking about it. A friend of mine suggested “stills” and I fell in love. Stillness is what I love most about photography, how you can stop a second in time. To find the calm of one moment and capture it.

I’d like to capture the moments that are important to you, and some you didn’t even know you wanted to remember.

Some random things about me:

  • I had heart surgery when I was 5 days old to correct a congenital heart defect (don’t worry, I’m fine now!)

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday.

  • My first camera was a Kodak Easy Share CX7430 and it changed my life.

  • I have a 10 pound rescue Chihuahua mix named Lilly. I try not to post about her online too much but I frequently fail at that goal.

  • I’ve been vegetarian since June 2015. I heard a news story about a truckload of piglets that escaped in transport and I couldn’t stop crying.